Photograph of Wind (2001) by Lynne Sachs

  • My daughter’s name is Maya.  I’ve been told that the word maya means illusion in Hindu philosophy.  As I watch her growing up, spinning like a top around me, I realize that her childhood is not something I can grasp but rather  – like the wind – something I feel tenderly brushing across my cheek.

I Wonder What You Will Remember of September (2004) by Cecilia Cornejo

  • Cornejo weaves together her own fading childhood memories, her parents vivid recollections of the September 11, 1973 coup in Chile that brought the notorious dictator Augusto Pinochet to power, and post-9/11 conversations with her own young daughter.

Winged (2010) by Jennifer Hardacker

  • Explores a mother’s worries for her sons as the family goes through an emotionally charged change in their lives.

Set, Set Spike (2002) by Emily Hubley

  • A single mother’s personal ritual combines her history, poetry and a volleyball-inspired aerobic workout. The piece uses animated and live-action footage to create a kind of temporal collage – where past and present emotional truths coexist and play.

 A Bump was a Pearl (2008) by Johanna Hibbard

  • A student’s mother became ill with breast cancer and subsequently died. “A Bump was a Pearl” was inspired by the filmmaker’s relationship with her student and his mother.

Fall (2011) by Kathryn Ramey

  • From the tale of Icarus to Plato’s cave analogy and through the fragile materiality of hand processed 35mm film, Fall relates the pain of knowledge acquisition as a girl becomes a woman and one turns into two.

You Can See the Sun in Late December (2010) by Sasha Waters

  • A reflection on winter light and maternity.

Walk (2011) by Enie Vaisburd

  • Walk is an experimental documentary exploring themes of fear and wonder through the eyes of children and ancient Jewish texts.