A Bump Was a Pearl

2008 ~ 2 minutes
Director Johanna Hibbard

A student’s mother became ill with breast cancer and subsequently died. “A Bump was a Pearl” was inspired by the filmmaker’s relationship with her student and his mother: The filmmaker had an infant son, the other had a college-age son; they both enjoyed knitting. The two mothers would pass notes back and forth through the student about knitting and motherhood.

Johanna Hibbard lives in Portland, OR. She sometimes makes films, she mostly takes care of her three children.  She has an MFA from University of Iowa.  Her films have screened at festivals like Ann Arbor, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Big Muddy, and Mad Cat.

Click here to view her films on YouTube.

Each Kid on HIp, Camera in Hand program filmmaker was asked to respond to a series of questions about their background, body of work, motherhood, views on media education and how they balance their various roles and duties. The interview for Johanna Hibbard is available here unedited.