2011 ~ 13 minutes
Director Enie Vaisburd

Walk is an experimental documentary exploring themes of fear and wonder through the eyes of children and ancient Jewish texts.



Enie Vaisburd is a filmmaker, mother and educator. Enie grew up in Brazil and has studied in Jerusalem and the United States. Her film work integrates characteristics of experimental and documentary forms. Language, translation, cultural identity and emotional spaces are some of the themes she explores. Enie taught for many years at the Northwest Film Center before joining the Media Arts department at Pacific University in 2008. Enie serves on the board of directors of Cinema Project and is also a programmer and curator. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two sons, where she dreams of sunshine.

Each Kid on HIp, Camera in Hand program filmmaker was asked to respond to a series of questions about their background, body of work, motherhood, views on media education and how they balance their various roles and duties. The interview for Enie Vaisburd is available here unedited.


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