2010 ~ 3 minutes
Director Jennifer Hardacker

Winged explores a mother’s worries for her sons as the family goes through an emotionally charged change in their lives.

Jennifer Hardacker is an experimental short film/video maker and educator. Jennifer’s films are often personal in nature and are interested in re-imaging and re-imagining the meaning and context of images. Currently, Jennifer teaches film/video studies and production at Pacific University in Oregon. Prior to life in the Northwest, Jennifer  taught film at the University of Michigan and The New School University in New York City. She also spent time working professionally in New York as an editor and assistant editor of television commercials. Jennifer is the

mother of 2 boys, is an amateur but enthusiastic gardener, and novice road bicyclist.

Each Kid on HIp, Camera in Hand program filmmaker was asked to respond to a series of questions about their background, body of work, motherhood, views on media education and how they balance their various roles and duties. The interview for Jennifer Hardacker is available here unedited.