“The unrelenting demands of being a mother and the unforgiving demands of being an artist one could suppose might often collide and divide.  At the same time, the filmmaker’s art seems particularly suited to a presentation of that shared perceptual encounter with the world, to the remembrances, the anticipations, and the fleeting moments of childhood – and of parenting.  That the filmmakers/mothers represented here were able to integrate these aspects of their lives in fully resolved works is a triumph of life and art, leaving a record and expression of their experiences and insights that can reverberate with and enrich our own.”

From foreword by Marylin Brakhage


A program of short films by women who look at the world through the lens of motherhood.

Curated by Enie Vaisburd and Jennifer Hardacker.

Pacific University, Oregon


Photograph of Wind | I Wonder What You Will Remember of September

Winged Set, Set Spike | A Bump Was a Pearl | Fall

You Can See the Sun in Late December | Walk


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